Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More planting, more weeds and grass

Here's a couple of pictures of the flowers in the yard right now. The tulip was there when we moved in and I moved all the other flowers out of that area of the yard, but apparently I missed one.

Here are two flowering shrubs in the yard. The yellow one is Forsythia (I think) and I don't know what the pink flowers are.

Here's the Rhubarb (again), the newly planted potatoes (looking like little gravesites), and the rows of lettuce. My husband says the lettuce looks like a poorly done black-top patch job on the highway. He's right.

Here's a picture of the garden in progress. For comparison, I've included a picture from about this time last year. There was a lot less grass last year. But, I guess that's to be expected: last year I had just tilled the earth for the garden for the first time. This year, the grass has had a year to come back. Note to self and others: tilling under grass does NOT add lots of organic material to the soil, it just makes the grass pissed off when it comes back up.

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