Monday, June 16, 2008

Grass for mulch and fresh peas

We mowed the yard today and I got all the grass clippings I'll need for a while. I mulched around the squash, to help keep the grass and weeds down so they can get enough light.

The rain this past week has been very good for the garden. All my squash are doing well, the tomatoes, the corn and the green beans are also doing well. I got cages for my tomatoes today. I didn't use them last year and the tomatoes sat on the ground and rotted.

I also ate the first fresh peas from the garden. I had tried some raw before, just because I've never grown peas before. They were very tasty raw. I tried them sauteed in a little butter. They were good, but still stiff, like when they're raw. I should have cooked them longer. I like peas, but I like them soft.

The lettuce is way, way too thick. It's killing itself competing for sun. So, I envision lots of salads in my future.

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