Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sewing with a pattern

Today, I made a small pouch by following a pattern that I bought. I did deviate a little from the pattern and made a lining for it. It turned out okay, but this taught me several more things about sewing purses and bags.

First, if I make a lining using the same pattern as the outer bag, it needs to be just a smidgen smaller in all dimensions than the outer bag. This is a big "duh" and my sewing is imprecise enough that I was pretty sure the small difference wouldn't matter. I was also afraid that if I made the lining too small, it wouldn't actually "line" the outer bag, but be its own little inner bag. But as you can see in this picture, the lining is kind of bunched up with extra fabric.

Second, working with zippers sucks. Even with a zipper foot on my sewing machine, they are a royal pain. Third, had I been thinking ahead, I could have tucked the zipper edge in between the lining and the outside of the pouch. Doh! That would have made it look much nicer on the inside and probably would have been easier to sew.

Anyway, that was today's sewing project. It's a cute little pouch, so I'm glad I made it, but I'll know better next time what to change. I also realized that I get frustrated when my seams and backstitching isn't straight. I think I expect to get better at sewing way faster than I am, which is completely unreasonable.

Take something like programming as an analogy: I wasn't an awesome programmer after my third program, so I don't know why I expect to be an expert at making bags after my third one. My theories on this are either that I'm a perfectionist, or that I think "hey, I've made clothes and bags since high school, so I should be good by now". The problem with that idea is that I don't sew for a living. If I did it every day, I probably would be way better at it by now.

But, practice, practice, practice; someday I'll get there.

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