Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Learning to be an adult again

When I was considering moving to Switzerland, I read some articles on being an ex-pat.  One of the phrases that struck me was that moving to another country involved "learning to be an adult again".

All the things you thought you knew how to do, you have to relearn.  Some of that is fun.  (What weird kinds of shampoo do they have here?  What was that cool looking bird?)  Some of it is terror inducing.  (I don't know how to address a letter or give someone my mailing address in the correct format.)

I am getting lots of support from coworkers, online forums, and government websites.  It truly is like learning to be an adult again, only without the cultural immersion that comes with growing up in that country.

It's fine.  I really wanted to relive my twenties again anyway. ;)

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