Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday in Switzerland - A normal(ish) week

I started work in my new office this week.  My coworkers got me lots of interesting Swiss stuff to help me get acclimated.  Two of the most interesting were Aromat, a flavored salt with MSG, and Bärli-Biber, a spiced cake with marzipan filling.

This week also had a holiday, Ascension Day, on Thursday.  Apparently a lot of folks take off the following Friday.  There were lots of church bells, but I was home sick with a cold, so I didn't explore to see if folks went out or not.

On learning to be an adult again, I had to re-learn how insurance and retirement works.  It's just as mind-numbing as in the US, but just different enough that I had to pay attention.

Saturday we went for a long walk (8.5 km - long by my standards).  We explored some of Kreis 2 and saw some pretty parks.

I also cooked a little more, this time without recipes.  I made a Pittsburgh salad (lettuce, cucumber, carrots, hard boiled egg, ranch dressing, with fries on top).  I also made a more normal chicken, potato, and asparagus dinner.  Today, we have sausages and a Rösti kit to make for lunch.

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