Sunday, June 26, 2016

[Sunday in Switzerland] A park walk, phones, and apartments

Today it was cooler and a bit cloudy, but finally not raining!  So we took a walk along the lake down to Tiefbrunnen.  I have yet to go swimming in the lake, but we passed several bathhouses providing access to swimming areas for a few Francs.  According to the signs, the water was 20 degrees C!  That was warmer than the air!
Pond in front, lake in back
There was an interesting little pond area with a path of concrete pillars.  I missed taking a picture of a duck splashdown into the pond.
Pond just after duck splashdown
There was an interesting sculpture, called Heurka, that we believe moves.  It was created for the Swiss National Exhibition (the two signs disagreed on the date - one said 1904, the other 1967).

After almost 3 years on Android, I've gone back to an iPhone.  I really like the smaller size of the iPhone SE, enough so that it's worth the pain of switching phones.  Said pain includes losing easy access to my collection of kitty toys in Neko Atsume Kitty Collector and my army in Clash of Clans.  I can still get them, just not on the iPhone.

With luck I'll be too busy moving next week to notice.  I may also be too busy to post a weekly update on our settling in to Switzerland.

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