Sunday, June 5, 2016

[Sunday in Switzerland] A trip and a walk

I got to spend a few days in Opio, France this past week.  I was supposed to take a train, but the strikes in France cancelled at least one of the trains, so I booked a plane ticket at the last minute.  Although it's not Switzerland, here are some pictures anyway.

I also got to spend a few hours in Antibes, France, which is an ancient city on the Mediterranean, settled by both Greeks and Romans since 4th century BC.  The old town was very picturesque.

There were also some of these unusual shutter holders that I've also seen in Zürich.  Why they have a lady's head is beyond me.
Shutter holder
I did also find this wonderful door knocker.
If she's holding a golden apple that says "for the prettiest", that would be epic.  (Reference and reference.)

Today, we walked around on the top of Ütliberg, the local not-quite mountain.  It's a ridge that has some great views, but isn't really a mountain.  We walked from the train stop along a trail until we got to the Felsenegg Luftseilbahn.

Lake Zürich

Cable car station from the bottom
It was raining and we saw a fair number of snails along the trail.  This was one of the bigger ones.
We also got to see cows, yes with bells.

It was a pleasant walk, but there were no toilets along the way.  Here is where my assumptions about how the world work get me into trouble.  If I was in the US, I would just duck behind some bushes and take care of things.  But, I had no idea how that kind of thing is treated here.

Still, it was a good few days with more adventure than usual for me.

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