Sunday, July 10, 2016

[Sunday in Switzerland] Furniture, art, and a walk in the park

We got a big delivery of Ikea furniture last week.  We spent Friday night and most of Saturday assembling it.  We're still not done.  I had been marveling at how amazing Ikea was at getting all the right parts together.  Then I got to a big dresser and the rails just didn't line up with the holes.  Not getting this one together was not my fault.

At a local shopping mall, there was a strange moving thing I noticed when we were getting dinner one night.  It looked for all the world like a briefcase collecting water and then moving around in a circle, slowly, leaking that water before coming back to get more water.

That was so odd, I couldn't believe that's really what it was.  We theorized it was a water disbursement system for the air conditioners in the shopping mall, albeit a very elaborate one.  A few days later, I noticed the sign explaining it.  It's art.  Weird art, but art.

It has finally been sunny.  We went for a walk in the park today and enjoyed the fresh air, sunshine, and many dogs.  There was also this fabulous sign for a nature reserve that kind of looks like an owl or a monster perched on the leaves.  "Monster forest this way," I imagined.

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