Sunday, July 17, 2016

[Sunday in Switzerland] A walk in the park, a duck, and a movie

This morning I went for a long walk in one of the parks near my house.  I took a trail near the river and decided to see how far it went.  I had to turn around before I reached the end.  I was told there were a lot of trails in Zürich, but I had no idea.
Beautiful forest near a road and river

One of the many trails up the side of the hill

Meadow style park
There are these dog poop bag dispensers around the parks here.  They always seem like they're cheering on the dogs for pooping.  "Bravo, Fido!  Way to poop!"
Well, done, doggie!

After brunch, I wanted to go see a movie.  I went to the local shopping mall, Sihlcity, named after the Sihl river.  One side of the shopping mall has large, safe steps leading down to the river for people to get down to the water and play.  I had some time to kill, so I took of my shoes to put my feet in.  Ow, how cold!  It was like Lake Michigan in early Spring.  Yow.  After a while, I got used to it, but it was much colder and faster than I expected.

A duck left the river to come sit near me.  I told her in both English and German that I had no bread, but she just wanted to nap.

I went to see Independence Day: Resurgence.  It was just as bad as I expected, but there were lots of good exploding scenes.  It was my first experience with Swiss theaters.  The movies are listed by the languages they're in, spoken and subtitled.  For example, mine was "E/d,f" for "English" being the spoken language, "Deutsch" and "Français" being the subtitled languages.

The popcorn stand was off to one side, less obtrusive than in US theaters and the selection was smaller.  It was still crazy priced: 5 CHF for a bottle of water.  The seats were nice and Sunday afternoon is a quiet time to see a movie, if today was any indication.  Of course, the movie started on time.  There were fifteen minutes of previews.

And then there's intermission.  I was glad someone warned me before I went to a theater, or I would have been seriously confused.  Halfway through the movie, they turn off the movie, bring up the house lights, and start background music again.  People get up and leave the theater like it's nothing.  No indication on the screen that it's intermission.  I got a chance to use the toilet and get another bottle of water, though, so I think it's genius.

So that was today.  A busy day of exploring and relaxing with ducks and movies.

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