Sunday, September 18, 2016

[Switzerland on Sunday] Bikes, rain, and irons

I have been desperately wanting a bicycle since the weather was so beautiful the last month.  I waited until I got back from the U.S., planning to order one from Glaxus, the local Amazon equivalent.  After not really finding the one I wanted, I decided to go to a local bike shop this weekend.  I got almost everything I wanted and had it yesterday for cruising around.

Sadly, today was mostly rain.  I took the bike out for a short ride, 7km round trip.  That's 1km shorter than my commute one-way in Pittsburgh.  But, it was a nice ride and I only stopped because it started to rain in earnest.

Now that we have an iron, I could make some progress on one of my sewing projects.  I'm making a plush bike shed.  (Deciding what color a bike shed should be is short-hand for people arguing about stuff that doesn't matter.  This happens a lot in software.)  So, the bike shed will have moveable walls and roof so that you can change the color.  I'll post more pictures when there's something other than a collection of parts.  As a side note, irons heat up crazy-fast on 220V power, but they take just as long to cool down. :)

The collection of parts.  (Only a subset.)

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