Monday, April 21, 2008

Plants survived

The plants in the garden survived the slightly sub-zero temperatures this past week, even though I wasn't here to cover them. (Well, sub-zero if you're trying to learn Celsius like I am.) Most everything I have planted out so far has sprouted and since the last frost date is this coming week, I think it's safe to start putting the seedlings out on the porch in the afternoon to harden off.

I went around and put bamboo stakes in the garden to mark off the different areas and did some minor weeding today. It rained all morning (which was good for the garden), but it meant that the soil was too wet to really do anything major with it. The seed potatoes arrived before I left on vacation, so I'll get those in the ground next.

Some of the other bulbs are sprouting and blooming in the front yard. I'll get some pictures for next time. Next on the purchase list are: container dirt (for growing mixed baby greens in), trellises (for both the climbing flowers and the climbing veggies), and some proper mulch for the front yard garden. I'm planning to plant most of the flowers in the front yard around where the old pine tree was. I like having flowers up there; it gives me an excuse to go into the house using the front door, which I prefer.

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