Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aphids and tomatoes

Aphids have wrought complete havoc on my poor squash plants. I got some pumpkins from the garden and enough zucchini to last me, but the honey dew melons and cantaloupe didn't get a chance to ripen before the vines died.

I tried using the stuff from Gardens Alive. It didn't seem to help the plants that were already afflicted, but we'll see how the butternut squash fare. They seem to be doing okay so far. I never did get any of the fancy squash I tried growing (aphids). I did get one snackjack pumpkin (for the seeds), but it's kind of small, so I don't know if there will be any seeds inside.

I did get enough tomatoes to make a small amount of sauce for dinner last night. It was tasty: my tomatoes, my zucchini, plus mushrooms and yellow peppers. I'll cook up the pumpkin innards today or tomorrow and freeze it for pies later. I just can't get into pumpkin pie in August.

I also discovered the identities of two of the shrubs growing in our yard: mock orange and flowering quince. Since they grow like freakin' weeds, I'm pretty sure I can transplant some of their shoots into making new shrubs elsewhere in the yard. I'll try that in the coming weeks.

I'm also going to try a taste test of sweet corn today. I got one ear from each variety that I'm growing to see how they taste. They might be too young or too old (I wasn't really paying attention to how to tell if corn is ready). But, by golly, I'm going to try it.