Sunday, July 3, 2016

[Sunday in Switzerland] Ikea and trains

We successfully navigated the apartment hand-over process.  There was more drama than was strictly necessary, but we're in the new place now.

We're in the new place with zero furniture.

Fortunately, there is an Ikea close to a train station.  It's still not easy, but it is possible to buy rolled up mattresses from Ikea and hulk them from bus and over two train rides to get them home.
Shrink-wrapped mattresses from Ikea
Other furniture we'll have delivered and pay the price for someone with a truck to bring it to us.

The trains here are wonderful.  Beyond having space enough for us to lug home two mattresses, they run ridiculously often.  The longest we've had to wait was 20 minutes for the most direct route.   Shorter waits were available, but less direct.  Usually, it's less than a 10 minute wait for the train we want.

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