Sunday, January 1, 2017

[Sunday in Switzerland] Experiments in baking

Yesterday, I decided to make some cookies.  The recipe is one I really like, but it's a U.S. style recipe with volumes, not weights.  Also, since I have not yet baked anything sweet here, I didn't have some of the basic ingredients, namely powdered sugar and vanilla.

The only powdered sugar I could find, came in this tube, with a built-in sprinkler/sifter top.

I decided to do a conversion to weights in the recipe for future reference.  Things like the butter were easy to search for online.  The others, I weighed.  It turns out that powdered sugar is very light.  Here is 0.5 cup of powdered sugar, weighing in at zero grams.

I also could only find vanilla bean and vanilla paste at the grocery store.  I used vanilla paste and it turned out okay.  One thing I found here that was very hard to find in the U.S. was pre-ground or chopped nuts.  This recipe calls for 0.75 cups (or 95g), which annoying if you're chopping by hand.  And they're exotic nuts, all the way from California.

Finally, the oven was way off.  I'm not sure if it was the oven itself or the smaller size, but the minimum baking time was too long and the cookies got brown (which they shouldn't for this recipe).  Still, they are tasty, even if they're not super attractive.

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