Sunday, March 26, 2017

[Sunday in Switzerland] Botanical Gardens

Yesterday, we visited the Botanical Gardens.  It's a little early in the spring for most things, but there were some outdoor plants to see and the greenhouses were fun.  It was a beautiful day and I saw many plans that I haven't seen before.
Flowering tree outside

Fascinating drooping flowers

Interesting three leaved plant

Inside, we saw some beautiful tropical flowers.  There were some flowers on long vines above a pond.  The plant was maybe 30 feet above the pond, but the flowers had grown down to nearly touching the water.  Really cool looking: just flowers hanging in space.
These look like eggs to me

Hanging by a thread

We also saw and smelled a plant I had heard of, but never seen before.  A "corpse flower" smells like rotting meat and has a large flower.  We saw an amorphophalus konjac or Devil's Tongue or Voodoo Lily.  Wow, what a smell!  It was like ripe road kill.  Fascinating, but I didn't want to get too close.
I will likely visit the gardens again in a few weeks when more things are in bloom.  It was a very serene place.

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